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Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination and is prohibited by Title VII, the D.C. Human Rights Act (DCHRA), and Article 49B of the Maryland Civil Code. Title VII, the federal law prohibiting sexual harassment applies only to labor organizations, companies, or employment agencies with more than 15 employees. The D.C. Human Rights Act however, applies to all employers regardless of size.Sexual harassment includes: unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and any verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affects an individual’s employment.What must a plaintiff prove to prevail under Federal Law?Under Title VII, there are two types of sexual harassment claims that can be made: tangible employment action and hostile work environment.To prevail on a tangible employment action for harassment, an employee must make a prima facie case that:(1) he/she was a member of a protected class;
(2) he/she was subjected to unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors;
(3) his/her refusal to submit to a supervisor’s sexual demands affected his employment status; and
(4) the harassing supervisor used his authority to subject the employee to adverse job consequences.An employee alleging harassment based on a hostile work environment must show:(1) he was subjected to unwelcome conduct;
(2) the harassment was based on sex; and
(3) the harassment was severe or pervasive, and created an abusive working environment.What must a plaintiff prove to prevail under the D.C. Human Rights Act?An employee claiming sexual harassment under the DCHRA must establish a prima facie case demonstrating that unwelcome verbal and/or physical sexual advances were directed at him or her in the workplace, resulting in an abusive or hostile working environment.Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Harassment is ProhibitedSection 704 (a) of Title VII and the DCHRA prohibit retaliation against employees who file sexual harassment complaints. Retaliatory actions include: termination, suspension, demotion, reduction in salary, and any act that might dissuade a reasonable person from reporting harassment.What can a prevailing plaintiff recover?A prevailing plaintiff is entitled to reinstatement, back pay, front pay, compensatory damages and attorney fees. In addition, Title VII authorizes exemplary or punitive damages.

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Male enhancement products such as herbal dietary aids have bombarded many supermarkets and corner stores. But do these products really do sexual enhancement or are these used merely as placebo effect?Out of curiosity, I began reading the ingredients of some common libido enhancers. True enough, there are many herbs in the products which claim to do sexual enhancement such as sexual arousal through raising the levels of the sexual hormone called testosterone.Testosterone is a hormone secreted in the testes of men. It is responsible for sexual characteristics and sexual enhancements such as facial hair growth deepen of voice, enlargement of penis size, augment in muscular strength etc. Testosterone is also responsible for sexual aggression and desire, thus it is the main focus of products that promote male enhancement. Taking testosterone directly is a form of steroid use so manufacturers that trade products for male enhancement make use of herbal supplements in increasing testosterone levels naturally.The three main herbs used for sexual enhancements are the following: horny goat weed, ashwaganda and passionflower. Among the main herbs used, horny goat weed is by far the most beneficial for sexual enhancements. It increases the circulation of blood in the extremities. It lessens high blood pressure as well. However, too much horny goat weed may cause over aggressiveness and irritability.Passionflower is another herb used for male enhancement. It has been used to cure anxiety. The Native American attests to the positive effects of this herb. Passionflower lessens the levels of estrogen and maintains testosterone levels, therefore giving the user positive increase in levels of testosterone. Lessening of anxiety is beneficial for those with erectile dysfunction because it is the main reason for the existence of the dysfunction.Ashwaganda is also known as Indian Ginseng. It is another herb used to encourage sexual enhancement but has other benefits as well. It calms the nervous centers of the brain, therefore giving aid from constant exertion and stress. As aforementioned, decreasing stress is the main treatment for sexual dysfunctions and promote sexual enhancement. Athletes also benefit from Ashwaganda because it helps the body to recover from strenuous activities such as exercise. In addition, relief from sexual exertion is also another effect of the product.As with most medications, consultations with medical professionals are essential before using these male enhancement products. Medical advice along with enhancers may prove to be effective. However, self-medication and over use may worsen the sexual dysfunctions.