Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women |

Under sexual dysfunction is understood the problems that a couple individually experiences either with arousal, desire or orgasm. Sexual problems can be male and female and in some cases they are pretty serious. Male sexual problems are frequently connected with erection or premature ejaculation, while female ones are of a different character.Sexual dysfunction in both men and women can be caused by different factors but they are generally can be divided into two groups – psychological and physical.The first group includes any sort of emotional problems, relational ones, stress, anxiety, lack of communication and what not. Generally, both men and women tend to suffer from sexual problems if they experience the following:• Depression• Stress• Worry• Fear • Anger.What concerns physical factors, they are mostly ailments and conditions that are able to evoke sexual problems as an adverse effect. Medications, alcohol and drugs as well as pregnancy and hormonal imbalance can negatively affect sexual function. Among the most common illnesses resulting is sexual disorders are diabetes, neuropathy, tumours and multiple sclerosis; also the spinal cord injury or nerve damage.Depending on the type of sexual problem the following individual symptoms can be distinguished:• Lack of sexual desire• Lack of interest in sex or in the partner• Dissatisfaction• Inability to achieve or maintain an erection• Inability to relax vaginal muscles • Dryness of the vagina• Inability to have a normal sex life.These are all the symptoms of sexual dysfunction and if you recognize them, perhaps, there is something with your sex life that needs closer attention.Sexual dysfunction is treated and the therapy is chosen with regards to the condition and the factor that caused it. Nowadays there are a lot of methods and treatment ways known and available and most of them are effective if used properly.Treatment for men and women is generally not the same but one thing is important – to learn the reasons. Male impotence treatment options are broadly available on the market at the present moment but it is strictly recommended to consult a doctor before using them. If lifestyle changes do not help, other treatment can be suggested. In case of physical problem, even surgery can be needed. In other cases medications will do the trick.All in all, sexual dysfunctions are treated in both men and women. Should you feel any need to solve your problem, feel free to consult your doctor. You will see how much nicer your sexual life will be.

Freedom From Sexual Impurity |

Due to sexual impurity many men have lived wasted lives here on earth. The truth is that if the necessary precautions are not taken and in time many will still waste their lives due to sexual immoralities and impurities. Sex is good and actually ordained by God as a means of procreation and sign of intimacy between husband and wife. Sexual impurities have put many men in bondage, poverty, hardship and financial instability. Impure sex can change ones destiny instantly and that is why men must guard their loins to avoid the repercussions of sexual impurities.We have been talking about sexual impurity; one may wish to ask, what do we mean by sexual impurity? Something is Impure when it is dirty, contaminated, adulterated, polluted etc. Going by this definition, impure sex is one that is dirty, contaminated etc. Aside from the physical hurt and pain (bondage, hardship, financial instability etc) caused by sexual impurity,eternal condemnation is the end product of sexual impurity. 1st Corinthians 6: 9-10 clearly states “Don’t you know that those who do wrong will have no share in the kingdom of God? Don’t fool your selves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, who are idol worshipers, adulterers, prostitutes, homosexuals, drunkards…none of them will have a share in the kingdom of God.”Having known the destructive power of sexual impurity, how then can you run away from it and protect your life from destruction physically, spiritually and eternally?• Run away from every impure sex: It is not a sin to have sex, but it becomes a sin when you have it with the wrong person. If you have sex with anyone you are not legally married to, it is sinful and destructive.• Seek freedom from past entanglement: How? Sincerely repent and renounce your past sexual escapades. Most men may have been involved in numerous illicit sexual affairs prior to marriage and even during marriage until they embraced the word of truth (the word of God) and repented. Most men even after repentance still suffer and pay the price of their illicit past. Pray for God’s forgiveness and vow not to go back it.• Have a good marriage: No matter what it takes, make your marriage to work. If your marriage is not working, there is always temptation to look outside which will lead you to impure sex. (Road to destruction). Remember marriage is for better for worse. The bible does not support separation after marriage. So make your marriage to work to avoid temptation which will lead you to destruction.• Have self discipline: Say no to impure sex. Control your emotions. Be in control of your sex life. Say no to seduction of any type. Note, it takes a man with self discipline to keep to one woman. Be disciplined.• Draw a line of boundary which must never be crossed: Every man knows his weak point. You know when you have been stretched to your limit. Immediately you have reached your limit, stop.• Don’t play with the emotions of any woman that is not your wife. You may not know what she has in mind and what she may be going through emotionally to avoid a lead that will result to temptation.• Don’t touch any other woman carelessly as innocent touches may spark up the devil in you to go beyond your limits. Any time a woman is chatting with you and what she normally wants to discuss are issues that will arouse you, run as fast as you can. The bible says flee.• Be very careful any time you are with a widow, divorcee and single ladies that always like to visit you any time they are sure you will be alone. The question is why it will be when they are sure you will be alone that they will like to visit you, be wise!• Do not harbor any woman that is not your wife, your sister or close relation especially when you know you have a weakness in controlling your emotions with women.• Keep your relationship with God strong: Always soak your body, soul and spirit in prayer. Read the word of God at all times and practice what you read.If we abide by these as men, we shall overcome the problems associated with sexual impurity. God bless you read and abide by these suggestions and share his words to friends and relations.